Year 7 Transition – September 2022

This year’s induction event is planned for Wednesday 13th July 2022. This event will involve the year 6 students spending the day at the school and spending considerable time with their future form tutor before sampling some lessons. The induction day is followed by an induction evening for parents/carers, where they will have the opportunity to meet the school staff and more specifically those involved in the transition process.

Please find below a copy of communications sent regarding the transition process. These will be updated on a regular basis as we share information with parents/carers.

1 – Parents welcome from the Principal

2 – Students welcome from the Principal

3 – Welcome from the transition lead

4ai – Letter to Parents – All about me &  Tutor Groups – Feeder School

4aii – ‘All about me’ Form – Editable – Feeder School 

4bi – Letter to Parents – All about me & Tutor Groups – Non Feeder School 

4bii –   ‘All About me’ Form – Non Feeder School

5 –  Letter to students – HOY Letter to Students

6a –  Letter to Parents and Carers – With Information Booklet

6b –  Information for Parents and Carers Booklet

6ci –  Uniform – EMSD (Ruddington)

6cii –  Uniform – Justschoolwear (Compton Acres)

6ciii –  Uniform – Kitout (Radcliffe on Trent)

6civ –  Uniform – Schoolwearsolutions (Chilwell)

7a –  Letter to Parents – Induction Events FAQ – Virtual Tour

7b –  FAQ Sheet

8a –  Letter to Parents – Meet the Tutor Team

8b –  Meet the Tutor Team

9a –  Transition Booklet and Walesby

9b –  Walesby Letter

9c –  Rushcliffe Transition Booklet

10 – Edulink – Consent – Medical

11a – Last letter (First Day and Reminders)

11b – First Day TT