The Super Curriculum

Welcome to the Rushcliffe Super Curriculum

What is the Super Curriculum?

Super curricular activities are those that take your regular curriculum further. They take the subject you study in the classroom beyond that which your teacher has taught you or what you’ve done for homework. On this webpage and on our downloadable app, there are a range of activities, suggested by teachers for you to stretch yourself and explore your subjects. You will find our app available to download for iOs and Android. You can download for Apple devices here: You can download for Android devices here:

The importance of super-curricular activities

  • To do well at A Level, it is important to have a) enthusiasm and curiosity for your subject and b) the capacity for independent study.

Super-curricular activities can help you:

  • Choose a subject to study. 
  • Provide evidence on a personal statement or for an interview. 
  • Develop important skills. 

The Super-curricular Hour

By just adding in an hour a week of super curricular activities, you could be enhancing your grades and opening more opportunities for your future simply by broadening your understanding of a particular subject area. The chart above gives you an example of how you might wish to break down that hour of Super Curricular.

For more information on our super curriculum offer, please contact Martin Young (Head of Social Sciences)

Read more about the Rushcliffe Super Curriculum here:

The Rushcliffe Super Curriculum

App Endorsements

“The menu of the Rushcliffe School Super Curriculum is excellent. Students should make the most of it. It lists in one place many resources that would prepare a student to any university’s degree”

Gianni De Fraja, Professor of Economics, University of Nottingham

“I think this is a great development and provides valuable opportunities for students to immerse themselves in the discussion and application of their subjects”.

Dr Michael McCann, Nottingham Trent University