The core values of Rushcliffe Spencer Academy drive everything we do in the sixth form. We believe that everyone should have the chance ‘to shine brightly’ and the values below guide us to enable pupils to achieve their best academically. We also believe that during sixth form students should be given the chance to develop into young adults ready for challenges that lie ahead, whether that is going to university, taking a gap year, embarking on an apprenticeship or moving into the world of work.

We try our best

Students receive quality teaching and excellent pastoral support that leads to them to achieve their potential and gain excellent exam results.

We support each other

We have an inclusive ethos and endeavour to provide personalised pathways for students. Our Heads of Year, Tutors and Support staff all work together to ensure students receive the support they need to be successful.

We listen to different opinions

Our students have been key to many decisions made in the organisation of the sixth form including student committees and charity events. Students’ views on teaching and learning have also allowed us to develop our practice.

We keep each other informed

We pride ourselves on the information given to parents and pupils. Progress reviews, parents’ evenings, letters, e-mails and the use of social media all ensure relevant information about progress, careers and other opportunities to enhance learning are fully exploited.

We are proud to be part of the school

As a result of the above, our students never cease to amaze. We are truly proud of the achievements they accomplish not just academically but also personally. The opportunities given to young people during their time here are fully exploited by them. They are proud of their school and we are proud of the young adults they become.

Ruth Frost (Assistant Principal, Post 16)