Learning Support (SEND)

Rushcliffe is a highly inclusive setting where all pupils are given the chance to shine brightly. The Learning Support Faculty is committed to supporting every child as an individual, whatever their needs. We support every pupil in the process of reaching their academic and social potential, making use of individualised curriculum pathways and personalised support. The Learning Support Faculty is situated upstairs in A Block.


Meet the Team

  • Ms S. Desai – Assistant Principal
  • Ms J. Miles – SENDCo
  • Ms C. Tye – Assistant SENDCo
  • Ms E. Hart – Assistant SENDCo
  • Ms N. Agrawalla – Learning Support Assistant
  • Mr S. Blick – Learning Support Assistant
  • Ms M. Cowan – Learning Support Assistant
  • Ms C. Davey – Learning Support Assistant
  • Mr A. Haywood – Learning Support Assistant
  • Ms E. Holloway- Learning Support Assistant
  • Ms S. Kitchin – Learning Support Assistant
  • Mr N. Knighton – Literacy Teacher
  • Ms A. Marassi – Learning Support Assistant
  • Ms C. McHugh – Learning Support Assistant
  • Ms E. Saddique – Learning Support Assistant
  • Ms S. Spowage – SEND Inclusion Mentor
  • Mr J. Tandy – Learning Support Assistant (and Exam Access Arrangement Tester)


If you have any queries regarding our special educational needs and disabilities provision, please contact the learning support team via the school number or via info@rushcliffespencer.com.


Our School Offer

Under the Children and Families Bill (2014), local authorities publish and keep under review, information about services that they expect to be available for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities aged 0 to 25. This is called the Local Offer. The intention of the Local Offer is to improve choice for families. Information on the Nottinghamshire local offer can be found here.  As a school, we offer a range of provision to support pupils with special educational needs and disabilities. You can read more about this school offer here. You can view the latest SEND report (September 2022) here.


Our SEND policy

The SEND Code of Practice (2015) sets out statutory guidance for all organisations working with and supporting children and young people who have special educational needs or disabilities. Our SEND policy, which is based on the Code of Practice, outlines our aims, objectives and methods for supporting pupils with additional needs. It outlines the graduated approach we take to support. Our SEND policy can be viewed here.



Funding is used in a variety of ways to support pupils with special educational needs or disabilities at Rushcliffe. Most support is funded through the whole school budget. The school receives additional funding for some pupils (through Nottinghamshire County Council) and this is primarily spent on in-class support. Funds are also allocated to a number of areas including small group teaching classes, highly personalised curricula, equipment, support clubs and additional adult support from a range of specialist support staff in school.


Curriculum – Personal Pathways

In the Learning Support faculty, much like every other faculty, we believe that each student has particular learning needs. With that in mind, we monitor the academic performance and the intrapersonal skills of all SEND pupils and ensure that the curriculum is appropriate for their needs. We ensure that students remain part of the Rushcliffe experience and that they are given the opportunity to ‘shine brightly’. In order to achieve this aim we support teaching staff so as to be able to differentiate for all pupils. The department offers training sessions to all teachers. We use Learning Support Assistants in classrooms to enhance the learning of those students that need additional support. Learning Support Assistants will liaise closely with classroom teachers; support may involve generating specific resources, prompting pupils to focus in lessons or ensuring that activities are manageable whilst also encouraging independent learning skills. If we feel that the needs of a student cannot be met in a classroom, we will consider alternative avenues of support. These options are always tailored to the individual.


Transition Support – Year 6 to 7

We understand that transition from primary to secondary education can be challenging for pupils and their parents. We are always happy to show any prospective parents around our school and faculty and answer any questions you may have. We aim to offer as much support for SEND transition as we can and, as such, each student will receive a personalised transition plan which is appropriate for their needs. This may involve supplementary visits to Rushcliffe in order to experience the school at different times of the day. We also aim to attend any annual reviews for students joining us so we are able to plan the support that we offer accordingly. Once students start in year 7, we continue to support and monitor their progress, regularly communicating this information to parents. This process is coordinated by the Assistant SENDCo.


Transition Support – Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 4

Selecting the right options for key stage 4 is exciting but can also cause some anxiety. Therefore, we aim to offer as much support as necessary for this process. This may involve a separate ‘Bright Day’ where some pupils have the opportunity to experience taster lessons in smaller groups. We are committed to offering a range of subject options that will relate to the strengths of our students. We offer a range of GCSE, NCFE, Level 1 and vocational/life skill courses. The SENDCo and Assistant SENCDCo will offer a parental meeting to discuss transition and help with the relevant paperwork. All transition processes are individualised for the needs of each pupil.


Transition Support – Beyond Year 11

Pupils with a pre-identified specific learning difficulty would have the additional support of enhanced transition to post 16 provision (whether that is post 16 provision at Rushcliffe or elsewhere). It is important that those students making the step to further study or the world or work have selected pathways that are appropriate for their abilities, their skills and their future aspirations.  The learning support team works closely with the Sixth Form team to identify any specific needs of pupils in Rushcliffe Sixth Form. Once a need is identified, the faculty will offer training or advice about appropriate, specific differentiation. The faculty will also support pupils in the Sixth Form in making appropriate decisions about Higher Education and appropriate career choices.


Dyslexia Information and Support

We offer a range of support for pupils with dyslexia. You can view information below, including a parental referral form.


If you have a concern or complaint regarding provision for a child with special educational needs, please do contact the learning support team in the first instance. The SENDCo and Assistant SENDCos will endeavour to address and resolve any concerns.

If your concern remains unresolved, you should follow the guidance in our complaints policy (which can be viewed here) and raise the matter with the Principal and/or Senior Leadership Team.