School Buses

We work hard to ensure that our pupils have a safe journey to and from school when they travel on a school bus service. We are aware that, from time to time, things do not run as smoothly as they could. Of course, it is not possible to deal with such situations unless we are aware of them. Pupils are informed that they can always report incidents to any member of staff in school, in particular to staff in the PSU. The school intends to use sixth form bus monitors on the Silverdale Ruddington services again in September. The role of these monitors is to support pupils on the bus and help to ensure that pupils are calm and sensible on the journey to and from school.

We work closely with the Silverdale, Hammonds and Sharpes services to ensure that all companies provide a suitable service to our students and parents. We continue to monitor this and welcome your feedback at any time.

The information below applies from September 2021.

Ruddington Buses

The Ruddington buses will also be year group specific again this year (with the exception of Sixth Form who will need to request to be allocated to a bus as a bus monitor, limited places available). All buses will depart their first stops at 8.15am to ensure that pupils arrive in plenty of time to be able to engage with form time learning, which we value as an important part of the school day. All services are timetabled to arrive in plenty of time ahead of the start of the school day.

Details of pick up / drop off locations and timings are as follows:

Bus 280 281 283 282 284
Year Group Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11
Provider Silverdale/Skills Silverdale/Skills Silverdale/Skills Hammonds Silverdale/Skills
Journey to School (AM)
Pick Up Point Pasture Lane Church street (near the Co-op) Ruddington Green Barleylands Clifton Lane (uniform shop)
Departure Time 8.15am 8.15am 8.15am 8.15am 8.15am
Additional stop Rufford Road / Ashworth avenue (near St Peters) Wilford Road Dentist Wilford Road (near the park)
Time 8:20am 8:20am 8:20am
Terminate Rushcliffe Spencer Academy
Time 8:30am
Return Journey (PM)
Pick Up Point Rushcliffe Spencer Academy
Departure Time 3:27pm
Drop off Rufford Road / Ashworth avenue (near St Peters) Church street (near the Co-op) Ruddington Green Wilford Road Dentist Wilford Road (near the park)
Time 3.40pm 3.40pm 3.40pm  3.40pm 3.40pm
Drop off Pasture Lane Barleylands Clifton Lane (uniform shop)
Time 3:45pm 3.45pm 3.45pm

You can view a map showing all the Ruddington bus stops here.

If you live within Ruddington catchment you will almost certainly qualify for a free bus pass for one of the services run by Silverdale. The service you are allocated depends on your year group. You can make an application for a bus pass through Nottinghamshire County Council.

An online application can be accessed via:

Under 16 Mainstream Travel Assistance / Nottinghamshire County Council

Alternatively you can telephone 0300 500 8080 and request that an application form be sent to you. It is recommended that all new to Rushcliffe students, including those coming into Year 7 make an early application to secure a bus pass in time for the new academic year. The cost for non-pass holders will be £1 each way for under 16’s and £2 each way for 16 and over students. I remind students to board the bus with a pass as all buses will be operating at capacity and drivers will need to check that only students with passes use the service. You can find more information on post 16 travel assistance here.

Lady Bay Bus

Sharpes of Nottingham will be running a fee paying bus services, covering the Lady Bay area (bus no. 221) to bring students directly to and from school. The price will be displayed on their website and is payable to the driver on each journey. Sharpes offer a discounted annual or term time pass which are available on request. For further details, please contact the head office on 0115 989 4466.