The Story of Coronavirus – by Ellen Harrington in 7B

Ellen Harrington in 7B has created a poem all about the Coronavirus. She has sent it off to Blue Peter in the hope that she might earn herself a famous Blue Peter badge. We will keep you posted!

The Story of Coronavirus

It started as a small virus in China,

It all seemed quite minor,

no one could have guessed it would turn out like this,

All the normal things we didn’t think we’d miss,

School and work went online,

That was the big sign,

That this was not something small,

And we could only talk to friends on a call,

The NHS saved millions of lives,

Helping people to get better and survive,

Sir Tom Moore raised loads of money,

Made the world begin to feel sunny,

Christmas came bringing love to all,

As the beautiful snow started to fall,

Suddenly a glimmer of hope,

A new vaccine better than soap

The new year came,

And we had our aim,

To get the vaccine to everyone,

And get this job finally done,

We can all get through this,

If we stick together it can be bliss