The Empathy Shoe Shop

The latest LRC year challenge is to design or cut out some shoes for your favourite book character! Draw the character in their new shoes and explain why they would choose them.

There will be achievement points for everyone who enters, with prizes awarded for the best entries. Details on how to enter have been posted on satchel:one. Closing date 14th June.

The competition, designed by the Empathy Lab, ties in with Empathy Day on Thursday 10th June. Being able to understand how other people think and feel is a vital skill. Research shows that reading inspires children to talk about emotions and see the world from other people’s perspectives.

This link has lots more brilliant empathy-boosting activities for the whole family to do at home:

The 2021 Read for Empathy collection features 50 books for 4-16 year olds, many of which are available in the LRC:



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