Rushcliffe pupils launch new student paper

A group of Rushcliffe pupils have recently launched an online newspaper called Students Speak. The paper will be published every three weeks with a variety of articles ranging from school based topics to worldwide news, with its main aim to give students a voice and a place to raise issues important to them.

The editorial team is made up of 13 Year 12 pupils and includes writers, a designer and photographer. Each issue will feature a different theme and the team strongly encourage and welcome guest articles from all year groups.

Alongside the online issues, Students Speak has also launched an Instagram page to keep people up to date on the latest information from the site, helpful and informative posts and any breaking news, they also hope that in the future they will be able to print the newspaper for distribution around the school.

Rhona Sleath, one of the writers for the paper, says: “We decided to set up this newspaper as a mouthpiece for the students at our school, a place for them to feel that their voices are heard and for them to express their unique and insightful stories that we can all learn so much from.”

You can find the latest issue and articles on its website here: Students Speak (