Rushcliffe School Lottery

Have you signed up to the Rushcliffe school lottery? If you sign up and buy a ticket before 29th October you will also have the chance to win Harry Potter theatre and tour tickets alongside the usual weekly prizes!

The School Lottery helps to raise funds for the school whilst also giving ticket holders the chance to win monetary prizes. Funds raised will be used to support student led initiatives including ideas raised through school council or other groups such as our Eco warriors. Monies will also support clubs to purchase resources they may need and a percentage raised will go to the name charity we have identified, again, through student voice. If you are able to, please support the school to raise funds and potentially win some prizes for yourself! The school lottery is not just for parents and staff of the school, any one you know can also join such as wider family members, friends and neighbours so please do share!

Your support is greatly appreciated and we wish you good luck!

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