Remote Drama Club

At the start of lockdown it seemed that all things Drama were going to have to end. There is no upcoming performance showcase, which we usually would be preparing for around now, no rehearsals for the Subject Ambassadors performance originally scheduled for Epperstone Court before the pandemic and no staff discussing the next school musical in the corridors.

Instead we have found a new way of connecting and creating Drama through our remote Drama club. Every Friday, students connect to the live stream Drama club and take part in drama games, create their own short scenes and get to share their ideas. In week 7, we looked at using sock puppets in performance as a way to explore character, stay creative and keep acting.

Our first project, titled ‘The Lockdown Diaries’ saw many students across Years 7-9 write their own monologue based on their experiences in lockdown. These monologues, along with research undertaken by the club’s members, have been weaved together into a short film. It is amazing to think that the film has been created in lockdown with no face to face interaction and we are very proud of the students involved and how positively they have engaged with the challenge of creating a short film.

It seems that students at Rushcliffe have seen lockdown as an opportunity to try new skills and have risen to the challenge with positivity and maturity. Our Dance club, which usually takes place in the Sports Hall, has also gone online and students across Years 7-10 are leading the sessions and teaching their own choreography. To keep up to date with opportunities to get involved and for ideas about staying creative, you can read our first lockdown Drama newsletter, which was previously shared through a SMHK announcement.

Miss Valen