Lockdown Learning

During the latest lockdown our pupils have been producing some fantastic work and we wanted to share just a small snippet of it with you.

Year 10 students have been working hard at home in both Food and Textiles to develop their practical skills.

In Food, they have been looking at cereals such as wheat, rice, corn and  reflecting  on  how they function in recipes. Students have been making a variety of dishes including  flaky pastry and bread.


In Textiles, students have been creating some weaving and hand embroidery samples using a range of different materials to create colour, texture and interest to their work.

Well done all some great work  produced

– Mrs Lacey







In DT Year 7 have been learning about iconic design and what products have to do to be considered iconic. Some of the criteria below can be used for identifying if past designs can be considered iconic:-

  • A ground breaking design, in terms of its technology or manufacturing techniques used during its production.
  • A design that improves on the past.
  • A design that is innovative and sets a trend.
  • A design that sets new standards in terms of quality, functions/features or style.
  • A design that stands the test of time, remaining popular despite the passing of years.
  • A design that is often recognised immediately by consumers.
  • A design that inspires other designers.

An iconic card game is Top Trumps and students were set a design task to create their own set of top trumps iconic cards. They had to  choose a topic that related to Design Technology and had a range of iconic products that could be compared using categories. Students demonstrated their creativity and research skills. Some of the topics were iconic shoes, handbags, cars, gadgets, games, toys, buildings and logos.

Y7 have done a great job and now they have the fun job of playing top trumps to test out how effective they are.

Year 7 have been demonstrating the Rushcliffe core value ‘to try our best’ by sending Mr Staiano photos of their work that they have been proud of over the lockdown period.

Mr Staiano has been amazed with the quality of the work he has received. ‘It is clear that our students are taking pride in their work and the work shows the creative nature of the students we have. Here are some samples:

Rushcliffe Computing department have started an eSports club. The club has started with a small number of students in Year 9 playing OverWatch, and will hopefully expand over the coming years.

The aim of the club is to develop their teamwork and model acceptable and productive online behaviour.

Over lockdown the team played their first friendly game against a very good Braintree College team. Whilst we did not win the game, the team had some great feedback from the opposition, and will continue to practice over the coming months ready to enter their first tournament in September.