Beauty and the Beast: a student review

Last term Rushcliffe held their performance of Beauty and the Beast the Broadway musical, which I had the pleasure of seeing on the final night and I have to say it was absolutely amazing and clear that lots of time and effort had been put in. Everything from the cast and props to the costumes, staging and lighting was spectacular which helped the audience become immersed in Belle’s mundane village and the Beasts enchanted castle.  

Even if you already knew the story of Belle’s longing for more and the Beast’s attempt to break his curse you would still be thoroughly entertained. This was attributable to the talented cast who brought the characters to life through their acting and singing. In addition, the ensemble helped the worlds feel alive through their acting, singing and dancing as either the villagers in the town or as the cutlery in the castle. 

Of course, as with any production, this all wouldn’t have been achieved without the skillful backstage crew, who assisted through the production of the props which helped bring the inanimate castle to life, as well as making sure that the whole production went smoothly  

Finally, a final mention should go to the staff who helped teach and guide the cast and crew to the wonderful performance they put on. 

Written by: Matthew Year 11