Anti-Bullying Ambassadors are awarded the Wellbeing badge

In January 2022, our Anti-Bullying ambassadors started their journey of improving our anti-Bullying approach in school and were trained by The Diana Award, a charity in memory of Princess Diana who believed in the power that young people have to make a difference. Since the group first started we have gained new members and we now have 17 ambassadors across years 7-9 who actively look for ways to tackle issues.

Following the training in 2022, the group decided they would focus on earning the wellbeing badge from The Diana Award by running multiple campaigns that focused on education around bullying but also activities that would support their peers in feeling happier and more positive. After almost a year of planning five different campaigns, the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors have been awarded their wellbeing badge by The Diana Award, to recognise their hard work over the past year. Students will soon receive a badge that they can wear around school with pride, knowing they have made a real difference. The feedback below from The Diana Award demonstrates students’ commitment and motivation to their Anti-Bullying work.

“You are being awarded the Anti-Bullying Ambassador Wellbeing Badge because you have shown:

  1. Your commitment to listening to the needs of the wider school community by running a survey on bullying behaviour and wellbeing.
  2. Your dedication to building students’ knowledge of bullying behaviour and being an Upstander by running interactive assemblies for the different year groups.
  3. Your creativity by running a successful Feel Good Friday event to boost students’ positivity and create a fun and welcoming school environment.
  4. Your commitment to providing students a safe and supportive place to share their feelings and worries by starting the Calm Club.
  5. Your creativity by writing a script for a drama performance focusing on different types of bullying behaviour and teaching students what to do if they experience bullying behaviour.”

(Programme Officer, Anti-Bullying team at The Diana Award)


Would you like to join the anti-bullying ambassadors? We always welcome new members across year groups and meet fortnightly on Wednesdays after school. Speak to Mrs Panesar-Vale for more information.