Activities outside of timetabled lessons are a hugely important part of life at Rushcliffe and our core purpose of giving everyone the chance to shine brightly.  Not only do they add to the enjoyment of school but they enable pupils to exploit existing knowledge, skills and talents as well supporting them to develop new ones.


Lunchtime and After School Clubs

We offer a broad range of lunchtime and after school clubs. This includes opportunities in lots of different areas, including the arts and sport, but we are always open to the addition of new clubs or activities. The timetable is updated weekly and the latest one can be downloaded below.

Trips and Visits

Educational trips and visits are an important way to inspire pupils and give them experiences that extend learning beyond what is possible in the school environment. Every year, we run trips to a whole host of different places – in the UK and abroad. Some are day trips and some include overnight stays.


Duke of Edinburgh

Our Duke of Edinburgh programmes are very popular. We offer Bronze in year 9, Silver in year 10 and Gold in year 12. The programmes are arranged and led by our DofE Manager Dominic Orchard and Assistant DofE Manager Kirsty Baugh. You can find out more about Rushcliffe Duke of Edinburgh here.


Bright Days

On four days each year, the usual timetable is suspended in favour of Bright Days. These days help us ensure that all our pupils experience a full range of enriching and live-affirming opportunities to support them in becoming rounded, responsible and empathetic learners and citizens. On Bright Days, each year group works with one of the Bright Day teams, a cross-curricular team of teachers. There is a specialist team for the Sixth Form.


Bright Lights

Bright Lights days give all pupils the chance to shine brightly in the arts, bringing together all forms of expressive arts in a celebration of culture. These days build confidence, self-esteem and appreciation of the arts.


Bright Sparks

Bright Sparks days promote the school’s specialism in science by giving extensive full-day opportunities to see science in action, with big experiments and visits to amazing exhibitions.


Bright Lives

Bright Lives days develop the pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural education, incorporating global citizenship, world cultures, faith and world faiths, friendships and the impact of bullying.


Bright Futures

Bright Futures days prepare all pupils for the world ahead of them, incorporating enterprise days, options and career advice and developing skills for work and study. ‘Futures Fortnight’ kick-starts an intensive programme for year 11 pupils.


Bright Bodies

Bright Bodies days develop all pupils’ health and well-being, incorporating physical, emotional and mental well-being, sexual health, the importance of exercise and diet, relaxation strategies and coping with stress.


Bright Sixth

The Sixth Form students also undertake enriching work on Bright Days, designed to deepen their social, moral and cultural education – and also to support their post-18 progression.