Duke of Edinburgh

The Duke of Edinburgh Award

What is it?

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is a voluntary, non-competitive programme of practical, cultural, and adventurous activities, designed to support the personal and social development of young people aged 13 -25. It offers an individual challenge and encourages young people to undertake exciting, constructive, and enjoyable activities in their free time, with a well-recognised award at the end.

More information about the DofE award and the different activities can be found here.


We offer the following awards to the following year groups:

  • Bronze at Year 9
  • Silver at Year 10
  • Gold at Year 12

Students will receive assemblies explaining the award and parents/carers will receive emails home with a link to express an interest. This will be followed by an Information Evening explaining the intricacies of the award, prices (along with financial support where appropriate) and allow for questions to be asked in person. This takes place between September and November. Please look out for reference to these events and any deadlines in Mr Painton’s weekly emails to parents/carers.

Duke of Edinburgh 2022/23 Information

Activating DofE accounts and using eDofE

Students will be reminded in form time and parents/carers will receive an email confirming when their child has been enrolled. They will be sent an email (to their school email) with a username and password.

Before activating your account please watch the video below. If you are doing Silver or Gold you may wish to skip to 8mins 30secs as the initial part of video explains the Bronze award.

It is really important that students use their eDofE as it is the way that Mr Orchard and Kirsty will check on their progress. This will include:

  • Approving student activities to make sure they are appropriate
  • Approving the evidence students have collected (including their Assessor Reports)
  • Approving and verifying their award

If students do not use eDofE effectively then they will not gain their award as they will not have enough evidence. They can re-watch the video above or come and find Mr Orchard (137) or Kirsty (PSU) if they have any queries. Someone will also be in 137 to answer any queries every Wednesday after school.

It is worth reminding parents/carers that it is up to the students to complete their award and I would encourage all parents/carers to encourage their child to take ownership of all aspects of this. For example, I would expect to see a student asking questions in school rather than a parent/carer sending an email as a first port of call.

Key Dates in 2023

Bronze Training Day and Practice Expedition:

Thursday 4th May and Friday 5th May in Leicestershire.

Bronze Qualifying (Final) Expedition:

Saturday 10th June and Sunday 11th June in the Peak District.

Silver Training Day and Practice Expedition:

Saturday 29th April until Monday 1st May in the Peak District.

Silver Qualifying (Final) Expedition:

Friday 7th July until Sunday 9th July in the Peak District.

Gold Training Day and Practice Expedition:

Saturday 25th March until Tuesday 28th March in the Peak District.

Gold Qualifying (Final) Expedition:

Friday 14th July until Tuesday 18th July in the Yorkshire Dales.